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Camera and video inspection equipment can help a lot in locating clogs and leaks in any type of plumbing pipe. That is why we use this advanced plumbing technology with most everything we do.

Video Camera Pipe Inspections of Sewer LinesNew Orleans Video Pipe Inspection

When sewer lines back up it is no fun any any homeowner we know. Toilets and sinks can make gurgling sounds and there can be horrible odors coming out of them as well. These are both signs that the is a sewer issue at hand. The first thing that we need to find out is where in the sewer line the clog is happening. That is where our video inspection comes into use. The cool waterproof cameras we use can easily go into ones sewer pipes and give us a view of what is happening.

Any Plumbing Pipe Can be Inspected With Our Video Cameras

We are able to inspect any plumbing, not just sewer lines, with our cameras. One might be having issues with a water line outside the home, or in the concrete slab foundation inside the home. We can perform an inspection, or slab leak detection, too. This technology gets a lot of work every day.  If it is just a good cleaning that is needed, we use the latest hydro jet technology to clean sewer and drains too!

Why Use Video Pipe Inspection Technology

That is an easy question to answer. It saves time for sure, and it can let us see the exact location of a plumbing issue. Having to dig up large sections of plumbing pipes is time consuming and expensive to do. If we are able to see which part of the drain or sewer line needs a repair or replacement, we can get the issue resolves much faster, which save money then too.

Here is a video overview of our New Orleans and Metairie LA inspection services: