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Sewer Line Repair in New Orleans and Metairie

Sewer Repair New Orleans

We cannot think of a part of ones residential plumbing system more important than ones sewer. Thankfully this plumbing pipe, that is able to take all the waste materials it does away from ones home, works very well for years without any issues.

Sewer lines can easily last for over 20 years without any major issues. Hopefully one is mindful of what goes into ones drains so one can benefit from a long lasting sewer system. However, once ones sewer is not functioning, one will know very quickly.

Signs of Needing a Sewer Repair

There are certainly signs that one will immediately know are due to a sewer line issue, like the horrible odors, or a back flow of materials from ones plumbing pipes, but here are some other signs that all is not okay.

Broken Sewer Pipe Signs

Gurgling noises from toilets.
No water in the toilet.
Bathtubs will not drain or drain slowly.
Sewage back ups.
Water that is creating pools in the yard most all the time.
Ones water or sewer bill increases for no other apparent reason.

Why Sewer Lines Become Damaged

Sewer pipes are composed of different materials, all of which have their unique reasons they can fail or clog over time. For cast-iron drain pipes, they will corrode over time. This is something that will not happen to a sewer pipe composed of clay. Clay drain pipes will have issues with calcium buildup though.

Our Sewer Repair Services Are For. . .

Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes
Sewer lines can be damaged due to shifting soil, frozen ground, and the ground settling.

Grease and oil buildup or a foreign object may restrict proper flow. We can clean this from the sewer line.

Older sewer pipes will deteriorated and eventually break causing sections of the pipe to collapse and restrict flow.

Leaking joints
The seals between sewer pipes can break, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

Bellied pipe
Sections of the sewer pipes can sink due to ground or soil conditions, creating a valley in which waste collects.

Tree roots
Tree or shrub roots can grow into sewer pipes and can even break the pipe entirely. Roots are searching for water and nutrients and the contents of ones sewer lines provide that.

How We Repair Sewer Lines

Saia Plumbing uses its plumbing video camera inspection equipment to first have a look inside ones sewer pipes to see what is happening where. This video technology is very accurate in helping us pinpoint where a leak is occurring. This is will allow us to determine the extent of the repair that will be needed, or if we will need to do a sewer pipe replacement. We are successful at only needing to do a repair most of the time, but there will be situations when a sewer replacement will be the best solution in the long run. We will let homeowners know the repair process and costs before we begin any work then.

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Saia Plumbing’s Sewer Repair Services:

Residential and Commercial Sewer Services
Video and Camera Inspections
Drain and Waste Line Cleaning
New Orleans Sewer Repair

Benefits of Sewer Repairs:

No or fewer clogs
No more bad odors from the pipes
Drains will flow at the correct speed
Improved health and safety for ones home
We offer fast service and respect ones property
Video Pipe Inspection Metairie
Sewer Repair New Orleans and Metairie

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