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Plumbing Video Pipe Inspection New Orleans and Metairie

Plumbing Video Inspection New Orleans

Plumbers have been able to accomplish a lot in recent years through utilizing a video camera. They have become a very important tool in a plumbers toolbox. These waterproof cameras can be used to perform a visual inspection inside of drain and sewer lines to see any blockages or pipes that need to be replaced.

Video inspection equipment consists of a flexible rod with a special video camera on the tip of the rod. It can go inside a pipe of only 2 inches in diameter even. Since the rod is flexible, the camera is able to travel around bends in the pipe. We are able to save the images the camera takes and will share those with our customers so one can see what is happening potentially causing a sewer repair or drain cleaning.

Video Camera Inspection Accuracy

Thanks to radio transmitters on the camera, they are able to record the depth and location of obstructions or breaks in the plumbing line. The video equipment is very accurate!

Problems Identified Using Video Cameras

If ones drain or sewer lines seem to be backing up on a regular basis, or are just too slow all the time, it may be a good idea to have us come inspect them with our video cameras. A plumbing system relies on a balance of pressure in the plumbing system, and clogs will disrupt that delicate pressure balance and can cause larger problems over time. It is always less expensive to inspect plumbing lines early, then to do a major sewer replacement later.  And, our plumbing hydro jetting services can help restore that balance too.

Other Uses for Plumbing Video Cameras

Saia Plumbing gets a never ending stream of calls from people who have lost wedding rings, and other valuable items in plumbing drains. We can use our high tech equipment to locate just about anything one can imagine.

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Our Video Inspection Services Help Locate These Drain Issues

Tree Root Intrusion
Broken or Punctured Sewer Lines
Grease Buildup
Misaligned Pipes and More!
Video Pipe Inspection New Orleans
Plumbing Video Inspection Metairie

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